Who is Go West:

Go West is a leading event management company based in Ireland with over 28 years of experience managing international conferences and events. Since our inception in 1995, the Go West team has worked on hundreds of meetings and events, including public-sector conferences, medical & scientific conferences, corporate conferences & corporate events. 

The director, Kerry O’Sullivan is an expert in co-ordinating high-quality events for clients worldwide. At Go West, we have a combined 80 years of experience and dedication that goes into the planning and execution of our events. 

We pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve. As a result, we have developed expertise in managing in-person, virtual and hybrid events. Our mission is simple: create unforgettable experiences for your attendees by combining our years of event management experience with your unique idea to bring your event to life. 

Headshot of Kerry O'Sullivan
What we do:

Go West Event Management has been organising high-quality events for 28 years. During that time, we started and grew amazing events such as DotMD, Food on the Edge and Rheumatology Toolbox from small conferences with 50 attendees to large-scale events with well over 1,000. Having won many awards, such as the “Best Conference Organiser” in Ireland in 2019, Go West has earned its spot as one of Ireland’s leading event management agencies. 

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Go West faced a crisis as all in-person events had to be paused due to restrictions. In response, Kerry and the team worked hard to determine how to keep their events running. After many long nights of hard work later, Kerry and the team successfully transitioned the events from in-person to entirely online. Go West saw the opportunity virtual and hybrid events gave to clients and decided to focus their efforts. Go West are now recognised as experts in managing in-person, virtual and hybrid events. 

We are experts in:
  • In-person event management.
  • Virtual event management.
  • Hybrid event management.
Chair and speaker at DotMD
What makes us different:

At Go West, we are in it for the long term. One of our core values is relationship building. An event idea needs to be nurtured, and with the right event partners like Go West, you can build your event to new heights. We don’t just plan and organise one occasion. We look at your overall goals and come up with a long-term plan on how we can implement growth year-on-year.

Go West has a track record of growing events from small, one-room, in-person events to large-scale streamed events that reach thousands of people. After the event, the Go West team analysed results from post-event surveys and delegate feedback to write an in-depth report detailing areas that need improvement next year. This analysis is a great way to identify any challenges encountered during the planning process or at the event so we know what we need to change. 

We have a hands-on approach to conference organising. We understand it is overwhelming at first trying to navigate event management, but luckily, you won’t have to do it alone. At Go West, we operate a customer-centred event management service, which means we value your opinion. Your role will be to provide input and we will take care of the rest, we do all the heavy lifting so you can get back to doing what you do best.

We want to combine our years of event management experience with your unique idea to create a memorable event to remember. To make this possible, one of our senior event management team is assigned to you. They will support you throughout the process, from picking the venue to post-event evaluation. 

Kerry talking with client at event
What you can expect from Go West in the future:

Go West is always looking for ways to innovate and improve guest experience keeping a watchful eye on new event trends so we can offer the best event management service we can. We are always trying out new strategies to keep the audience’s attention. Whether through simple activities like gamification and networking or something more unique like wearable event tech, augmented reality or virtual reality, It is all ahead of us in 2024. The future of events is exciting. Our focus will be on creating immersive and experiential experiences for our guests to meet market needs with advancements in technology such as AI.

How to learn more:

Want to learn more about our specific services? Book a call with one of our team today. Get started on making your event dreams a reality.

Takeaway points:
  • Go West are a leading event management company in Ireland with 28 years of experience and are recognised as experts in managing, in-person, virtual and hybrid events around Ireland.
  • At Go West we place a focus on long-term relationships with clients and event growth year-on-year.
  • Committed to innovation and improving guest experiences, we are constantly exploring new event trends and strategies.
  • Customer centered approach to event management, this means your opinion matters to us.
  • Our mission is to combine your unique event idea with our years of industry experience to create unforgettable events for you and your attendees.