Maximizing Team Performance: How events can help you build stronger teams

Strong teams are the lifeblood of any successful organization. Building and maintaining cohesive teams is more crucial in today’s dynamic work landscape. Remote and hybrid work environments have introduced geographical distances, making it challenging to establish a sense of community among team members. However, a well-rounded team development strategy that leverages organizational events can be the key to overcoming these obstacles and achieving a competitive edge in whatever industry you in.

Teambuilding is of great interest to us at Go West because, at our conferences, we have a strong emphasis on networking. We believe that networking and team building go hand in hand and can significantly benefit you at an event and an organizational level. At each of our events, we create a safe environment that encourages networking and teambuilding through small, cost-effective activities such as online event groups, question walls and more that yield fantastic results.

Why is Team Building crucial for any Businesses?

Investing in team building is an investment in your organization’s success. The events or activities that you organize don’t have to break the bank, you could just start by organizing simple activities that get people talking. Here are some reasons why team building is essential for businesses:

Develop Important Skills: Team building helps employees refine and build new skills. By creating a safe space where employees can collaborate, they will learn from each other and inspire their development.

Improves Trust: Team development exercises foster collaboration, build camaraderie, and nurture trust among team members. Participants gain insights into each other’s strengths and weaknesses, paving the way for more effective collaboration.

Encourages Creative Problem-Solving: Regular teambuilding activities stimulate creative thinking and problem-solving skills, empowering employees to find innovative solutions to challenges they face both collectively and individually.

Increases Employee Engagement and Satisfaction: Employees who enjoy working with their colleagues tend to be more engaged, satisfied, and productive. These activities can create stronger inter-personal relationships between employees, improving their overall happiness at work. Teambuilding activities show that you value your employees, enhancing their overall job satisfaction.

Five Types of Teams Building Activities to Boost Team Performance:

To maximize the benefits of team building, incorporate various activities tailored to your organization’s needs. Here are five budget-friendly activity ideas for your next teambuilding activity.

Mystery Murder Dinner – Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes and work together to solve a crime in your office. Team members must collaborate, share clues, and piece together the mystery. It also promotes creativity and fosters a sense of camaraderie as colleagues engage in role-play and engage with each other outside of their typical work roles.

Mixology night – Have a whirl at creating your own cocktails and judge who makes the best. Friendly competition will encourage employees to work together to make creative and innovative drinks in a relaxed environment outside of their work roles.

Office book swap – Let team members know they can bring a book in to exchange with a colleague on a certain day. This activity encourages conversation and knowledge sharing among team members, helping them discover common interests and engage in meaningful discussions.

QR scavenger hunt – Put QR codes in hidden places and leave clues to their location. People must run around and get all the QR codes the first team to get them all win. This activity encourages problem-solving, quick thinking, and teamwork as participants collaborate to find the codes. It also adds an element of competition and excitement as teams race against each other to be the first to decipher the final message.

Escape the conference room – Turn your meeting room into a themed escape room and make teams. Team members must solve riddles and other brainteasers to access keys that unlock each meeting room door.

At Go West, we see teambuilding activities as crucial to your strategic success. Allowing your staff to connect with one another will foster more effective working conditions and help you get you one step closer to your strategic goals. We have taken inspiration from teambuilding theories and applied them to our conferences to ensure that we create a collaborative environment to allow attendees to communicate and build connections with peers and colleagues.