See the film locations of the popular series, Game of Thrones in Ireland.  Majestic and Mystical lands in Belfast and Northern Ireland, Game of Thrones tours are a great way to see the real life Winterfell and see the Iron Throne!  HBO considered many countries before choosing Ireland’s great beauty.
Highlights of the tour can include:

  • Indoor sets of the series including Red Keep’s Great Hall, with its Iron Throne, the Sept of Baelor, centre of religious worship for the Faith of the Seven and the impregnable holdfast known as the Eyrie, with its terrifying Moon Door.
  • Walking tour from Winterfell to one of Walder Frey’s Twins, past Robb’s Camp in the Riverlands and on to where Brienne confronted three Stark soldiers. The afternoon trek is into Tollymore Forest, to the bridge where the Starks found a dead direwolf and her pups.
  • Visit Winterfell where an adventure sports company, based in the courtyard of Winterfell, offers Stark family cloaks, gambesons, peascods and LARP swords for those who wish to truly immerse themselves in the mood of the North.

Go West can tailor your Game of Thrones tour in Ireland.  Contact us for your visit to Winterfell!

Sample Winterfell Castle & Demense Tour
Experience the real Westeros with a visit to the Winterfell Castle movie set at Castle Ward a beautiful 1000 acre sprawling demesne used for filming the epic adaption of George RR Martins Game of Thrones novels.

Your tour guide will show you around Winterfell Castle & Demesne sharing fascinating stories about how the film sets where created onsite and some insider gossip about what the cast got up to behind-the-scenes. Your guide will also show you exclusive behind-the-scenes video clips, notebooks and photographs from the actual filming days.

  • Winterfell Castle courtyard (Includes Winterfell Archery Range Movie Set Experience)
  • Kings Roberts Arrival to Winterfell Castle
  • Visiting other filming locations along ‘Robbs Trail’ (choose from ‘gentle guided cycle along smooth shoreline trail’ OR ‘mini coach transfer + short walk’ to visit these locations) including:
  • Robb’s Camp
  • Walder Frey’s Twins
  • Tree Branch where Brienne confronts the Starkmen

Optional Extras can include:

  • Meet the Direwolves from the actual show (cost dependent on date)
  • Hold & Fly a falcon bird from Walder Frey’s Castle (cost dependent on date)
  • Meet an actor from the show (cost dependent on date)