Here at Go West; we love our dogs! Research suggests dog’s help reduce stress levels and make for a more positive working environment. This is music to our ears considering Event Management, Travel planning and Conference Organisers have one of the top ten most stressful jobs in the world!

Max is Kerry O’Sullivan’s dog. A feisty 4 year old jack russell dog, he really has the energy and stamina for conference & event management in Galway! Max is a typical event manager – he’s like clockwork and very organised! He likes his fresh air and walks to clear his head at lunch and knows when it’s time to go home and take a break from the office! A true companion for Kerry, Max ensures Kerry will not be stressed at her desk all day long!

Tara is the oldest dog in the office and some even say she has 9 lives! Tara is Kathleen McDonagh’s (director) dog. Tara is an important part of the Go West family and is nearly as old as the company itself! She has witnessed all the changes and development over the years. Tara remembers a time pre internet when the post man brought more physical post and packages and where there was no such thing as an E-mail!! Lots of changes but so many improvements in how we do business. Tara has been around for all of the iterations of the website over the years too – check out the latest website here.

Pepsi is a miniature poodle and a most well behaved dog! Ellen, our accounts manager owns Pepsi who epitomises all things black & white. She certainly likes her routine and when it changes she is not happy doggy! Pepsi is very caring of Tara as the oldest dog in the office!

Laura is the odd one out with no dog but it’s only a matter of time! Truth is you need a well trained and happy dog to keep up with the pace of the office! Dogs are the future of office support and employee well being or at least we certainly think so!

Photo Credit Galway 2020: (L to R) Laura Phelan Event Manager, Kerry O’Sullivan Go West Director & her dog Max, Kathleen McDonagh Go West Director and Ellen Keady Accounts Manager & her dog Pepsi