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Sample Family Day Entertainment Options

A DJ will provide background music throughout the afternoon/evening.

Meet & Greet

The afternoon will begin with meet and greet by well known characters, for example, Bart Simpson, Bob the Builder, Postman Pat and Bugs Bunny. The Characters will interact with the children as they arrive to the party.

The Mini Puppet Pops Starts & Friends Show

The stage show features Barney and Friends, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger the Tiger and the Tweenies. The highlight of the show is The Minipops which consists of professional entertainers in costume performing a tribute show to backing tracks. The performance includes,Elvis and Bubbles the Monkey and more. In between acts, a host will perform a variety of party dances including YMCA, Agahdoo, Hokey Pokey, Rock the Boat and the Macerana. He will get the kids involved in the dances.

Lambert Puppet Show

“The Witch in the Wood” story takes us into the world of ‘Cackaleen’ a something-teen dysfunctional witch, who is actually more ‘spoilt than scary’! This silly Witch’s meanie plans, come to a head when she attempts to get back her runaway cat, but she gets more than she bargains for from the local woodland folk: Big Red Fox, Pat the rabbit and of course Katy the cat! A gentle show suitable for children of all ages.

Balloon Modelling

Liz makes balloons in various shapes for the children.


Close up and walk around magic is very popular as the performer mingles with the children and the magic is performed to small groups of people. There will be lots of Fun & Laughter; Amazing MAGIC; Games and audience participation.


A Caricaturist will draw caricatures of the children, which they can then take away as a special souvenir of the day. The caricaturist is enjoyed by all ages from the very young to adults.

Circus Skills Performer

Stephen McGinley is a professional Circus Skills Performer and Teacher. Stephen has been doing Circus Arts, specialising in Juggling for over 10 years. Stephen has been performing and teaching juggling professionally since 2000.

Stephen has performed and attended Circus Arts and Juggling workshops across Europe including Finland, France, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Slovenia and Germany. Stephen has trained in the classical Russian Juggling Technique with Mr. Sergei Ignatov of Russia.

Mad Science

Mad Science Special Events are spectacular science-themed shows designed to amaze and entertain young audiences of any size. Children can conjure foggy ice storms, see giant smoke rings, create super bouncy balls, make magic mud, alter sound waves, and so much more:
• Magic (a magic card trick)
• Eggbert (getting an egg – down & up the chimney)
• Snow Storm (use chemicals to get rid of polystyrene snow)
• The Melting Snowman (use chemicals to melt a polystyrene snowman)
• Hand Warmers (mix chemicals & water to heat the water and make a hand warmer)
• Frothing bubbles (use dry ice in a soap & water solution to create frothing bubbles)
• Special Drinks (use dry ice in water to create smoky drinks)
• Smokey Bubbles (use dry ice, water & bubble solution to create smoky bubbles)